Sprzęgła hydrauliczne DN 25/ DN 32 – pionowe
28. März 2024
Rozdzielacze obiegów grzewczych DN 25/ DN 32
28. März 2024
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Rozdzielacze obiegów grzewczych DN 25 (LDP)

The LDP (low differential pressure) heating circuit manifold hydraulically decouples
the primary from the secondary circuit. If different volume flows result from
different generation and consumption structures, the water quantity required
to compensate for this is diverted via the overflow valve integrated in the manifold,
from the flow to the return chamber or vice versa. A faster shutdown of the
heating source is possible and pressure fluctuations in the system (due to sudden
closing of the secondary circuits) are reduced.

DN 25 (LDP)
Nominal diameter DN 25
Connection dimensions 1 ½“ Rp
Center distance heating
flow and return flow
125 mm
Dimensions (H x W x L) 2+1: 190 mm x 160 mm x 550 mm
3+2: 190 mm x 160 mm x 800 mm
Materials EPP, brass, steel, EPDM seals
Field of application 140 kW (∆T = 20 K), up to 100 °C, Kvs 13 m³/h, 110kW
140 kW (∆T = 20 K),
Operating pressure max. 6 bar