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28. März 2024
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Kontrolery systemów grzewczych WHC/WHC+

WITA heating controllers (WHC) are advanced heating controllers, installed in standard-dimension
housings of 144 x 96 mm. They have been developed for the control of room heating or cooling as well as
domestic hot water heating in single-family homes. They provide control for up to 2 heating circuits,
enable switchover between heat sources, and the protection of the return line during the storage tank

They are used for heating systems with one or two boilers, a heat pump, a storage tank, and a solar system.

Typical application:

• Radiator heating system control
• Floor heating or cooling system control
• Convector heating or cooling system control
• Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control
• Domestic hot water heating


• Up to 52 preset hydraulic schemes
• They may be used for the control of new systems
or to replace the installed controllers
• Room heating or cooling according to the time
• Domestic hot water heating according to the time
• Solar system domestic hot water heating
• Control of heating systems with a storage tank
• The possibility of connecting 2 room units
• BOOST function for intense room heating
• Integrated solar system protection features
• 13-language user interface
• Wizard for an easy and quick device start-up
• Operational diagnostics featuring error and
excessive temperature warnings
• Remote control with the help of the home system